Community Montessori School is located in North Reston, on the corner of Reston Parkway and Baron Cameron Avenue. Although we are located in the Oakbrook Church, we have no affiliation with any church. The school is on five beautiful, wooden acres. We are pleased to offer a unique Montessori-based program, bringing excitement and quality to your child’s education.

Our Montessori preschool, “Children’s House,” is based on the whole-child approach. The primary goal of the program is to help each child reach full potential in all areas of life. Children spend each work period moving freely from one activity to another guided by a specially trained teacher and their own curiosity. They choose activities that are often self-correcting and increasingly more difficult. Each step in this academic process reinforces a positive attitude, self-motivation and a growing self-confidence.


There are five large classrooms and a music, foreign language and computer lab. Our teachers are dedicated to our students and we are proud to say we have a very low turn over rate, with most of our staff being a part of our community for over ten years.


We have a very large play area for the students to learn and explore nature. The primary and kindergarten students are separated from the infants and toddlers when they are all out playing. We have a large canopy of trees which help keep the heat down, a sandbox and several play houses and climbing/exercise areas. Their are plenty of places to explore nature. Our teachers help the children learn about gardening in our outdoor garden/reflection area.